Those who participate in crimes / misdemeanors of the state / government, you are complicit in (war) - crimes! 
This applies to all co-conspirators.... Police, Boa's, Enforcers, Railway Police, etc....
You are guilty of:
1th. Violation of human rights,
2th. Violation of fundamental human rights,
3th. Violation of privacy rights,
4th. Violation of freedom rights,
5th. Violation of discrimination rights,
6th. Violation of demonstrative fundamental rights.
You are punishable and prosecutable by this!

See these fundamental rights with severe criminal prosecution and high fines:

Constitution, is that the government is set up by people but that this, the government, with its three levels of government, CANNOT introduce acts, statutes, guidelines or regulations that violate the rights of natural law that are inalienably given to us from our birth, by our creator.
These inalienable can never be taken away) freedoms and rights include;
- freedom of speech
- freedom of thought
- freedom of association
- freedom of assembly
- bodily integrity
- and access to justice.
These can never be taken away from you.
So I appeal to the police for my inalienable right, freedom of travel. If they do not accept this then they are going against their sworn oath. Because everyone who is in government, which is four levels deep, swears an EED! And they swear an oath to uphold the constitutions! And the constitutions were created under the natural law, which is stated in their preamble or in the history of the law.
Governments cannot bring in anything that infringes on our freedom to travel. As a person or a citizen of your own country, you ALWAYS have the right to come and you have the right to travel. So it means that they have no reason to stop you from traveling, especially if you are returning home.
And so then I say to the guards; 'Do you act under oath? Everywhere? ' And then they don't normally answer.
So I ask; 'Yes or no?'
And then they try to intimidate you by arresting you and holding you, and I say; 'I'm going to film you.' And they say; 'You can't film me at the airport' and then I say; 'Yes, I can film you.
Because if you commit a crime as a clerk, civil servant or oath-taker with salary from the government that we pay, then you can take video.
' And then they say; 'No, we were given these guidelines.'
And then I say; 'No, a directive can't infringe on the fact that if you touch me with handcuffs, I do NOT consent 'I do not consent' , I do not consent to be stopped. '
Then they clearly stand in front of you to stop and intimidate you. And you repeat 'I do not give you permission to touch me! 'If you handcuff me, that's a crime, because I have rights. If you touch me or stop me from traveling, you are acting outside your oath. That is illegal. If you touch me or handcuff me, that is a felony punishable by five years in prison. If a police officer does something illegal, you fall outside the protection of the police. And if you don't answer or you act under oath ... what they will never tell you they are acting under oath because they know what they are doing is illegal. And if the police officer clearly admits that he committed illegal conduct and committed a crime, that can go up to 20 years in prison because he is committing a crime in a police uniform.
Know that they won't answer and then when they want to put the handcuffs on, I capture that on video saying, 'If you put the handcuffs on me, you are entering into a contract with me and this is my rate (you can nominate a rate because it's contract law, you don't agree but you say' if you do that ') and this will cost you 4000 euros / per hour. (4.807,98 American dollar) "And usually you have three police officers.
So normally after 4 or 5 hours I said, 'This is already costing you each 20 000€' . (24,0399 American dollar) You can't write me a fine either because I don't agree so you are acting illegally. The six months imprisonment up to a fine of 10 000€ (12,0200 American dollar) , I will also charge you all including the preparation of the case. This will then go to the Supreme Court where I will win because what you are doing is illegal. Complaint will be: unlawful detention - kidnapping - the crime - the police officers acting under oath and in addition walking around dressed as a police officer falsely arresting people.
Often I find that the officers themselves are not so well informed.
Berlin: detained in berlin when I went to trafalgar square and then in trafalar square itself where I was one of the organizers of demonstration I was detained by a total of 10 policemen,.
The police again tried to detain us on those days and they got the same message as above and all decided not to arrest me and let me go anywhere.

NEVER sign the form, nor download the app because you will be voluntarily waiving your rights. You are actually signing to say; "I voluntarily agree to lock myself in my home for two weeks so I cannot earn an income" And possibly voluntarily subject yourself to PCR testing. So police and guards will try to get you to fill out the passenger form and undergo the tests.
If you sign the form it means that if you travel again after a week vb that you are violating the conditions that you voluntarily signed and then they can accuse you of committing a crime. Because the conditions were that you voluntarily agreed to the quarantine and pcr test.
That is why it is so IMPORTANT that every human being is AWARE of his/her birthrights. NEVER RELINQUISH YOUR BIRTHRIGHTS !!!!
The first thing you do is say NO. Because with the natural law, everyone has inalienable rights and should distinguish between good and evil themselves because every human being has a conscience. So you know, if you don't want to wear a mask or if you don't want someone to tell you that you can't travel, then you know that what they are doing is wrong . If someone still wants to force you to do something you don't want then just use the words; 'I DO NOT CONSENT' and if someone does something to you that you don't consent to then that person is committing a crime.
All officials know !!!! So when you calmly and self-consciously say NO, you force back the other person, who acts tyrannical and authoritarian when he/she wants to force you to do something with your body, like wearing a mask, or to lock you in your house without your consent. People know what is right and wrong. Children are justifiably angry when you force them to do something they don't want to do. Thus, we have been living from coercion and what is wrong all our lives yet humans continue to be wrong with themselves.
Note isabelle lambrecht, the reason everything goes wrong on earth is because man lives from lack of self-awareness, from lack of courage to say no to the outside world and say yes to inner knowing (your conscience). Rather sell out your soul for fear of rejection from the outside world than have the courage to be happy.
That is the change that is now taking place and the choice that every human being on earth faces:
are you willing to take responsibility for yourself or are you going to let the outside world take everything away from you and let the outside world play merrily with your feet.
It is time to take the STEP towards freedom, happiness and self-awareness or simply the restoration of divine authority instead of the false human abuse of power.
The trap: the law states that every citizen is expected to know the law !!!!!!! So they assume the CONDITION that you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. The law does NOT recognize excuses like:
- but I thought it was mandatory, because every human being enjoys FREE will
- I acted in good faith. The law says: even if someone did not know the fact or the right, but should have known it, he cannot claim that he was acting in good faith.
- I don't understand these laws and legal jargon. The law says, tough luck as a natural person or citizen you have to obey the law.
* Know that the laws are there to protect the state, that police/judges and lawyers are there to protect the state because they are on the state's payroll. The only one who can protect your rights is you SELF !!!!!!!!!
Ps I have already discussed that a natural person or citizen is subject to the laws of the state because you are a paper entity (you are a number). Only those who affirm that they are a living human being and behave as such fall under the natural law, i.e. the authority of god. Please let this FACT dawn on you very well if your FREEDOM is your LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also important to remember in the law, he who makes the claim is also the one who bears the burden of proof !!!!!!!!! so don't bow down to the bluff of the government/judge but demand the evidence why they think they can trample on your right !!!!!!!!!!!! And you will find that they will wander off with their tails between their legs. NEVER bow to so-called force majeure.
Get a corona fine, take them to court and it is thrown out because the burden of proof is on the court. And corona is illegal TRADE !!!! The only issue is that they are counting on WEAK people being DAPPER enough to assert their rights and people are paying their fines out of fear. Always demand proof that they have a right to do what they are doing. And if you don't understand something, state it loud and clear until you understand why you are doing what you are doing.

I will keep diving into this matter and one of these days I will come up with a simple formula. Because in essence, everything is simple. You have God's law and human free will. You decide how chaotic or how happy your life is. If you are a lawyer and find faulty information in my texts then I would love to hear about it. The more insight in the ridiculous, fraudulent legal human system the better for me
Today I think it is easiest to keep everything as SIMPLE as possible and to stay out of the MALLEMOLS. You can print vb below if you have a police officer who makes you stop you say a moment and you calmly pull out your cheat sheet.
- Police ask for your papers: don't give them to him or you will be in the middle of a merry-go-round. If he asks your name, just say it (your first name) (do not give a last name). Smile and take a deep breath, because every trace of fear or aggression will be picked up and magnified by the police. Remember, the police are human beings just like you and certainly NOT elevated above you !!!!!!!There are already many police officers the also stand up but in their office they can do little. Many police officers are calling for you to stand up as a human being SELF and to PROVE your right as a living human being.
- If the police demands your papers again or if you try to bluff them, state: that you are a living human being and that only persons have papers. And that they have no right to detain or question you living human being. Don't let them stop you or overbluff you, keep speaking clearly and calmly!!! Then they will automatically fall out of their "supremacy" because they expect people to bow to their police status and you only bow to god. Further say that you have no papers, only your fingerprints which are authentic and therefore you only accept the authority of god. God only said that we may fulfill the earth, that we may have SAME dominion over the fish, fowl and all the beasts that crawl the earth. That you are neither a fish nor a bird nor and animal so no one has the right to rule over you !!!
- do they gibberish legal terms answer: i cannot and refuse to respond to a language that is foreign to me. I am just a simple living human being and only communicate in simple colloquial language. Anything you impose or want to enforce on me under legal language goes against the right to clear information;
- if they do something you do not want, repeat 3x I do not consent, I do not consent. And let them know (as above) that if they touch you it falls under contract law and that you are happy to indicate your rate being 4000€ per hour that they are illegally harassing you. Furthermore, you can take inspiration from the above text by dolores.
- film it when the cops are illegally harassing you
- The trick is to make them tired of it and to make them understand that there is no way to deal with you. Never respond to their questions but always repeat the same story, keep it short and simple and certainly do not enter into discussion because if they pull you into their merry-go-round you can quickly become confused and you will make mistakes and suddenly find out that you have surrendered your rights without realizing it. SIMPLICITY is a wonderful tool !!! YEAH the power back to the living self-conscious man.

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